STI Guardian 2011 9mm, Cerakote, 3.9″ Bull Barrel, 2 X 15 RD. MAG


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The Guardian has a lightweight aluminum, narrow frame and a unique 3.9 inch barrel. It also features the shorter VIP grip for easier concealment in light cover, and yet still maintains an impressive 15 round capacity in 9mm. Pretty substantial firepower in a personal defense, concealed carry gun.
BBL- 3.90 inch Bull Barrel
FINISH- CeraKote™ Frame, Black Color, Stainless Slide
MAGAZINES- 2 ea / 120mm
TRIGGER- 4.5 lbs w/Single-Sided Safety Lever
SIGHTS- 3 Dot White Sights w/Tactical Adjustable (TAS) Rear
GRIP- 2011© Molded, Black Color
OTHER- Recoil Master, Aluminum Frame

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