Staccato C2 DPO 9mm Luger in Black Pistol


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Staccato C2 DPO 9mm Luger 3.9in Black Pistol – 16+1 Rounds – Redefining the compact carry gun. With double-stack capacity and unprecedented accuracy, the C2 allows shooters to push the boundaries of what’s possible with a gun this size. The C2 has a variety of options for optics and barrels.Designed with FlaTec, our 2011 pistols help shooters of all levels shoot like a professional. When it comes to concealed carry, it’s important to have a pistol that’s concealable and you can shoot well. Durability and reliability are also of utmost importance. Price will be largely dependent on your budget and the importance you place on quality and specific features.
Staccato pistols may be expensive, but they are absolutely feature-packed with everything you need and even some things you may not. Being the compact model in Staccato’s lineup, the Staccato C2 DPO 9mm incorporates a 3.9-inch, match-grade heavy bull barrel, shorter grip frame with a slightly beveled magwell, and lightweight aluminum-alloy receiver. The version I selected features a black DLC barrel, but there are natural stainless variations as well. I would never say to overextend yourself to purchase a firearm that is too expensive for your budget. But it also incorporates the Dawson Precision Optic (DPO) system for mounting a red dot sight. Red dots are the future and it’s good to see that Staccato supports this.
The crisp single-action trigger is the heart of the Staccato 2011. This isn’t an ultra-light race gun trigger. Instead, it is a great 4.5-pound duty trigger. Additionally, the skeletonized trigger is adjustable for overtravel and features a textured face. The ambidextrous thumb safety exhibits firm and tactile clicks into place and the grip safety was easy to engage naturally — sure signs of quality. however, if it’s in the cards, a high-end carry pistol is an incredible option. For me, the high-end pistol of choice is the Staccato C2 DPO. Red dots are the future and it’s good to see that Staccato supports this.
The pistol incorporates front serrations to assist in racking the slide and for press checks. The serrations are wide and slightly lipped, and they work incredibly well. An accessory rail allows you to mount a light or laser to the pistol, another distinguishing duty gun feature. Of course, common to the 2011 design, Staccato C2 DPO 9mm is constructed from three main components: the slide, a frame insert, and a grip module. This allows the shooter to customize the pistol to their needs and replace necessary components down the road. Not only does the pistol feature an excellent set of sights with a fiber-optic front paired with a blacked-out rear.



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Double-Stack, Officer Length, Black

Fiber Optic Front, Dawson Precision Charger Rear


9mm Luger


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