Staccato C2 9mm, 3.9″ Stainless Bull Barrel, Dawson Sights, Black, 16rd


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With more capacity when you need it, the Staccato C2 is equipped with a double-stack magazine. Compact and lightweight, the C2 is durable, reliable, insanely accurate, and easy to shoot well.
Barrel 3.9 Inch Bull Barrel
Finish Diamond Like Carbon, Black
Magazines 3X 16-Round Magazines
Trigger 4 Lbs With Ambi Safety Levers
Dawson Precision Perfect Impact Sights
Front Fiber Optic
Rear Dawson Charger
Recoil System 3.9 Recoil Master Light
Grip 2011 G2, Officer Length, Black
Frame Lightweight Alloy Frame W/ Accessory Rail
Caliber 9Mm
Dimensions Length 7.5 X Grip Width 1.3 X Height 5.5 – Width At Safeties 1.49
Weight 25 Oz Empty – No Mag

Staccato C2 9mm, 3.9″ Bull Barrel, Fiber/Dawson Charger, Black DLC, 16/17rd
December 4, 2022
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